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offshore outsourcing

your project + we as backend = simple partnership ltd. is an offshoring and outsourcing solutions provider based in the Bangladesh. We enable foreign companies to operate in the Bangladesh in an easy and effective way, enabling them to drastically reduce their costs, increase their flexibility, and extend their global reach.

We offer multiple delivery models, each targeting a specific market segment, which enables us to serve any kind of organization ranging from small start-ups to large multinational corporations. We furthermore specialize in a wide variety of disciplines, all identified as proficiencies that match the core competencies of the workforce.

we truly stands out because of its unique approach to offshore outsourcing and the professionalism and dedication with which we deliver our services. Our transparent pricing models are unique in the industry.


Service Delivery Models

■ Project Outsourcing
■ Staff Leasing
■ Virtual Office
■ Joint Ventures
■ Build-Operate-Transfer

Services per Segment

■ Small Businesses
■ Mid-sized Businesses
■ Large Corporations

Why is Outsourcing?

  • Better direct resources to improve internal and external service levels
  • Improve business results by focusing on your core business
  • Accelerate time-to-benefit through streamlined implementation Improved business processes
  • Reduce operating costs; upfront & ongoing capital investments. Check out the web design cost calculator to get an idead of how much money you could save
  • Eliminate the need to hire, train, retain, and manage a large ICT staff
  • Effectively maintain safe and secure technology infrastructures with worry-free support, operations, maintenance, upgrades, and disaster recovery services